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What Happened?!

What Happened?!

Have you experienced making a decision because you are so sure that it was the right thing to do? And then you act on it even if you are unsure about tomorrow … now here you are like, nothing is happening as expected. I do believe that God has plans for us and that he is in control of everything. He knows all things as well. For a person who believes in Him, it is just appropriate to trust Him with everything that is happening in his/her life. If we have plans, it is just right that we surrender these to Him if it will agree with His.

We can ask God for confirmation

Normally, if I want to do something or there’s a desire in my heart, I would lift it up to God in prayer. Then I will wait for a confirmation. I am now in a situation where I prayed if I can leave my work to start a new one, maybe even a different career. I was so burdened with the workload, I think the schedules are hectic & I was not happy anymore. So I prayed … & waited. I even told my superior about what I want to do but I was told that I am effective with what I am doing. Then I think one year passed and I received a confirmation from the Word of God (during my personal Bible study when I read about Paul’s farewell to the Ephesian leaders). So I submitted a letter of resignation but our school Principal did not allow so I was given a leave of absence for the whole school year – without pay. The approval from the Division Office also came fast, without questioning my decision, like what the staff has told me. The more reason I think & felt that God moved.

God is moving in our life

It was almost summer & I thought that maybe I should start a business to finance myself. At that time I was also reading the Purpose Driven Life book and in a message, it says that we should step out of faith and also in James 1 that it will be a testing of our faith. Even up to now, any business that I tried to start does not become successful. So at present, I prayed to God & is waiting on Him about what I should do. But come to think of it, I started with my leave last March and until now, I never asked from anyone and my needs have been provided in many ways. Praise God!

I did have a confirmation about one business that I prayed for but it did not succeed and I really wondered what was wrong. I prayed to God and confessed my sins and made my heart right with Him. Later, I read in the Book of Judges that it also happened to Israel. They inquired God when they were about to fight the Benjamites and He confirmed but thousands were killed. They inquired for the 2nd time, God confirmed, again defeat came. The 3rd time they wept & fasted & presented offerings to God then He said that He will give them into their hands. So the Lord defeated Benjamin before Israel.

I know the Lord would give me success one day, I just have to trust Him & please Him in everything that I do. I know that “…in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 He may allow pain & hardships, but so that we can give Him glory in anything that happens in our life and “… so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:4

This is not the end of my journey & I know God is with me. Thank God.

To Him be all the glory!


Grieving About A Loved One or Having Relationship Gaps with A Family Member

Have you lost someone you love? Did you do something or a loved one did something that created a gap in your relationship? How did it feel?

When things like these happens, we normally feel grief. We grieve for people because we love them. We grieve when we lost someone because we will not see them again and we feel that also when we have gaps in relationship because we have been hurt or we hurt them. Either way, it will be difficult for us because our communication is broken.

How can we overcome it? Let me share my insight

1. We have to admit it. It may help if we express our thoughts and feelings about it to someone we trust to help us unload the burden in our heart.

2. Accept the truth. If a loved one died, we have to face the fact later on that everybody dies so we have to move on but, of course it is also healthy that we mourn.

If a relationship was broken because of anything that has been done, We have to side with the truth and what is right. We should be humble enough and act on what we have to do.

3. Let us enjoy the moment with our loved one now. Learn to understand & accept them whoever they are. This is so that when it is their time to face the creator, we would not have any regrets. we also need to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

How Do I Know That I Am Making the Right Decision?

I am presently on/ a leave of absence from work. Before this, I wanted to leave my job because I think I will not be able to deliver for additional assignments. Besides the fact that they are beginning to be in conflict with each other and I am not getting the trust and support that I need from the administration.

So I prayed about it and discussed it with my superior. I was told that I am effectively doing my job, especially one of the two. But later on also, I read a confirmation from the Bible that I can leave and having mentioned it to my church leader, I submitted a resignation letter when the school year ended and of course after finishing all my work. Anyway, if I am effective with my job, I think I can still do it in the community.

I was not allowed to resign but thank God that the administration was gracious enough to allow me to take one school year leave of absence so I could try out things for me.

Now, I thank God again for the provision everyday.