Grieving About A Loved One or Having Relationship Gaps with A Family Member

Have you lost someone you love? Did you do something or a loved one did something that created a gap in your relationship? How did it feel?

When things like these happens, we normally feel grief. We grieve for people because we love them. We grieve when we lost someone because we will not see them again and we feel that also when we have gaps in relationship because we have been hurt or we hurt them. Either way, it will be difficult for us because our communication is broken.

How can we overcome it? Let me share my insight

1. We have to admit it. It may help if we express our thoughts and feelings about it to someone we trust to help us unload the burden in our heart.

2. Accept the truth. If a loved one died, we have to face the fact later on that everybody dies so we have to move on but, of course it is also healthy that we mourn.

If a relationship was broken because of anything that has been done, We have to side with the truth and what is right. We should be humble enough and act on what we have to do.

3. Let us enjoy the moment with our loved one now. Learn to understand & accept them whoever they are. This is so that when it is their time to face the creator, we would not have any regrets. we also need to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

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